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Among a variety of imaging modalities, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has unique and appealing capabilities of providing very rich image-based information such as anatomical, physiological, and chemical characteristics of an object to be imaged.

Our group mainly intends for development of advanced MRI methods and their clinical/preclinical/scientific applications, where MRI methods include pulse-sequence programming, data-acquisition and reconstruction strategy, RF pulse design/application, and any methodology for better MRI performance in various areas. Especially, our group has an expertise in “ultrashort echo-time imaging” and “frequency-modulated RF pulses” at global level. We are also using both human scanners (3 T, 7 T) and animal scanners (9.4 T, 15.2 T) for our research, which means we are ready for translational research anytime.

We are always open to any new possibilities for advanced MRI methods and their interesting applications. We sincerely welcome graduate students or researchers with passion and academic curiosity to our group.

Current Research Interests:

1. Direct Imaging of Neuronal Activities (DIANA) :  DIANA functional imaging

2. Functional Lung MRI : Lung MRI, myelin imaging.

3. Multi-band ERASE : 3D ultrafast imaging using multi-band sequence.

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